Fostering a relationship with families is the first step in laying down tracks for our journey through pregnancy and birth.  If you are planning on having a hospital birth the likelihood is that your obstetrician, midwife and nursing staff will only be with you intermittently.  In certain cases your doctor could be unavailable to attend your birth for one reason or another.  This leaves the possibility that you will be attended to by someone you have never met.  That can feel a little unsettling.  One of the most important jobs a birth doula has is to provide you uninterrupted support throughout your labor, delivery and immediately after your baby is born.  In hiring a doula you can relax knowing you will always have someone by your side who you know.  

In thinking about setting up my doula practice I decided I really didn't want to leave anything to chance.  As it is possible your doctor could be unavailable to attend your birth, so is the rare case that your doula is unavailable.  Perhaps your doula gets sick or has an emergency of her own.  With many doulas what would happen then is that they would send a back up, someone you may have never met.  This just doesn't feel good to me.  I thought wouldn't it be wonderful to partner up with another doula so that families can get to know us both?    

A friend of mine, Erin Pasquet, completed her doula training a few months before I did.  Over the course of our conversations I floated this idea of forming a team.  Both Erin and I have similar backgrounds and birth philosophies and the more we talked about it the more we realized what a great match we were.  We decided to support each other as a doula team.  Our partnership is built on our history of mutual respect, commitment and profound trust in each other.

Our hope is that we can share all our joint strengths with our pregnant families as ushers into parenthood.  We want our families to rest in the knowledge that someone they are comfortable with will be by their side.