Emilie Adams

I became interested in birth work prior to giving birth to my daughter in 2011.  I hired a doula for her birth as I had no family in New York and just felt I wanted to have a woman support my birth along with my husband.  In hiring a doula I added to my birth support team someone with a lot of experience in birth both personally and professionally.  It was really wonderful to have that continual support at at home and hospital as I labored, delivered and met my daughter.  Just having a doula there with me was so reassuring.  I wound up having a fantastic birth and feeling truly empowered.  I then had another baby, a son, two years later.  For some reason I foolishly decided I didn't need to hire a doula for his birth.  While I was in labor I realized my misstep.   We went to the hospital and even though we had preregistered my husband still had to leave labor and delivery to sign off on more paperwork.  I was left in the hall 7 centimeters dilated and sure I would die.  Ha ha!!  If I had had a doula there with me I am sure she would have told me I was in the state I was in because I was so close to delivery.   Despite my uncertainty in that moment everything went well.  I once again had a fantastic birth, but I just know it would have been great to have had that extra support my doula provided.  

Since going through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood I have become a birth addict.  I often marvel how amazing we women are who grow humans in our bodies and bring them into the world through birth!!  My hope is that I can provide the kind of loving support to families that my doula provided me.  It really makes for a great entry into parenthood.

In my free time I enjoy baking, knitting, going to yoga and training at the gym.  I live in New York City with my husband, two children, a dog and two rabbits.  

I am a DONA trained birth doula.  I hold current certification in Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED. I am a certified and registered yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance at the 500hr level.  I am also a certified lactation counselor and have additionally trained in Thai yoga bodywork and Spinning Babies.