"Emilie's calm confidence was a tremendous asset during time when you feel as vulnerable as you do during child birth. Her poise, knowledge and presence made all the difference.  I would highly recommend her to anyone embarking on the journey into pregnancy and motherhood.  She is a phenomenal resource to ease you through the process"

Violetta, baby boy born 04/01/16

"I was 36 years old when diagnosed with breast cancer.  Not having any family in New York made getting treatments and having surgeries difficult.  I leaned on my loving, supportive doula friend Emilie for the strength I needed to make it through.  I am a very independent person normally, though during this time in my life I really needed emotional and sometimes physical support to stay focused on a positive outcome.  Emilie was there every step of the way.  When at the hospital she helped ease my fears and supported me and my family like we were her own.  She was able to share part of herself with me so that I could make it through the hardest experience of my life.  Emilie makes difficult situations easier to get through,

A doula is not just for birthing support.  My doula worked on a team and helped to save my life."

Diana, Breast Cancer Survivor

"I didn’t look for a Doula until the last few weeks of my pregnancy. My plan was to have a natural non medicated birth in a birthing center and I wanted someone who could support and encourage me in that process. Emilie was not only of great support to me, but also to my partner, both before and during the birth. She gave advice, provided resources, reminded us of what follow up questions to ask if something I didn’t want was suggested, helped me with various positions, kept my breathing on the right track and gave constant encouragement of progress. I didn’t end up in the birthing center because my water broke, but Emilie made sure I had as close of an experience to what I had wished for anyway. I had to be induced and that almost always leads to an epidural, but when I was about to give in to the pain and exhaustion she encouraged me to keep going for just another hour. That was all I needed to get to the pushing stage. She and my partner working as a team made me able to find the strength to go the extra mile and I had a wonderful birthing experience. I highly recommend Emilie. She is warm and caring without being mushy or invasive, and she is  knowledgeable and assertive enough to promote trust."

Malin, baby girl born 03/31/16 

"Emilie is great. Some part of me scoffed at a Doula when the idea was brought up.  "I'll be there, I can handle supporting you through birth, is a Doula necessary?"  I think I felt that way because I didn't want to go through the intimate experience of child birth with an outsider present. Or maybe it was because I didn't want to be on the sidelines while the Doula handled all the tough stuff. Neither of those things happened and yes, everyone interested in a natural child birth should have a Doula. Emilie is cool - not cool like "she's neat", but like Clint Eastwood. She is sincere without being flowery and she's in tune with people. Her bag of tricks is quite fun."

- Malin's partner Sean